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the best spice is minnesota made!

Use a pinch of our spices to add a burst of flavorful spice to every meal you prepare. Mouthwatering meals are just minutes away!


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ONCE A Dry RUb, Now Unlocked!

The exotic spice blend that is used to add flavor and accentuate food items such as meats, vegetables or even pasta has its roots in a family recipe passed down through the generations. My dad, Ken Starcevich, created this special mixture back when he was just starting out catering parties for other people’s enjoyment – not his own business! 

The original intention behind using it on pork beef lamb & chicken dishes soon changed over time once customers started demanding more from their meals: they wanted them seasoned but still light enough so you could actually taste what you’re eating without feeling overwhelmed by heavy flavors like someone’s cooking skills can sometimes give off if we don’t know any better (or care). 

Starsky Spice is very versatile. So much so that it can be used in many different ways. Today, we use it on all kinds of foods from meats and vegetables to your favorite omelet and pasta!

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here’s what People are saying about starsky spice…

Great all purpose seasoning!

This seasoning is awesome! I put it on scrambled eggs, avocado toast and even popcorn! Yum!

Cindy E.

Perfect for grab and season.

Perfect for grab and season on everything — chicken, steak, scallops, even sprinkle on salad or cottage cheese.

Jennifer D


I have been using it on everything except for my cereal and ice cream . We also put it on our 14 year old yellow labs food and she loves it too!

MIcky s.

Good On Both!

Tried it on fish and chicken so far. Good on both!

Karen Baker

Perfect Blend

Very good. Not too spicy. Just right. Be careful because it shakes out quickly

Mark V.

Perfect replacement for salt

Brilliant on eggs!

Linda G.


Starsky Spice is the best way to bring out your food’s flavor. We use dehydrated vegetables and spices in our blend, including garlic, onion, and parsley for a tasty smokey taste that will have you coming back again and again!


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